Book Review- American Gods

I chose this book because it was on my sister’s bookshelf. I found the cover intriguing and my sister said it was good. This book is my second favorite book (after V for Vendetta) out of all the books I have read.

url.jpgThis book is about forgotten, weak gods, clashing with modern “gods.” I have put gods in quotation marks because we worship them in ways we don’t know. An example of a modern “god” is Media. She is powerful and we worship her every time our eyes catch on a screen or are suddenly glued to a film. This book starts out with the main character, Shadow, being in prison. We don’t know exactly how he got there, but by the end of the book, the pieces come together. He gets out of prison early (due to someone meddling,) and meets a man with a mysterious pseudonym, Wednesday. Shadow starts working for him and gets drawn into the battle between gods. Along the way, there are excerpts from the different stories of many gods that don’t have to do with the story yet (they are really foreshadowing an event to come or a group of people that will engage with Shadow). There are so many interesting characters that Shadow meets and so many different puzzles to figure out and piece together, I really love this book.

One of the characters in this book is Shadow, the main character. To the readers’ knowledge, Shadow doesn’t find many things hard to believe and doesn’t have trouble connecting with celestial beings. He is a big man but is quiet and is a good listener. He doesn’t fear death and would die for a few characters in this chapter of his life. He is patient and listens to different views of an event. He is strong and has a big heart. Shadow is calm in tough situations and doesn’t have a great sense of self. Though he is an adult, he learns a lot about himself throughout the novel. I would love to meet Shadow because he really has the kindest soul. After reading this book, I know I would trust him with my life.

10/10. I love this book so much. I would recommend this book to anyone who can handle a little bit of mature content. What’s weird about American Gods is that it’s not a page-turner until you get into it. What I mean by that is that while I loved the writing and the plot, the plot moved more slowly so I wasn’t turning the pages super fast like a super insane action book. Though I wasn’t constantly picking it up, once I did, I would read it for hours. This book is written in third-person, but it feels like it’s following the train of thought that the main character, Shadow, has. It’s almost like the writing is his thoughts, but filtered, so we only get what he wants us to know. I love this book and the writing style is so unique and beautiful. Another thing I love about this book is the hidden meanings, illusions, and connections. This adds to the mysterious nature of this novel. Though prior knowledge isn’t necessary, I would love to reread this book once I know more about very old religions, gods, and goddesses, so that I could fully understand all the allusions this book makes.

I feel like I always say this, but I can’t really relate this book to anything I have read. It’s so unique and beautiful. I could relate American Gods to some Percy Jackson books because of the interactions between gods are humans are actually quite similar. I do want to say that Percy Jackson is at a moderately low reading level and though American Gods isn’t exactly challenging, the style is so different that it was new and exciting to read.

I think the main theme of the story is the journey through life and death. I really don’t want to spoil the story, but I can say that this plot doesn’t really follow a classic storyline. We see a few characters go through the process of death, and we still don’t fully understand them, which I like. Again, even though American Gods is in third-person, it’s really how Shadow sees people, so we don’t know everything about most of the characters. Another theme in this book is the clash between the older, weaker gods and the new, powerful ones that we worship every day. There were a few scenes that made me cry because they were so beautiful, painful and/or sad. I love how this book is almost in a headspace…It is honestly like a very vivid dream in so many ways.

Questions Answered:

  • 1. Why did you choose this book?
  • 2. Explain the plot of the book, or if it is a non-fiction book, what topics are covered.
  • 3. Describe one of the characters in the book. Would you want to meet this character? Why or why not?
  • 4. What is your opinion of the book? Would you recommend it? Why or why not?
  • 5. Explain how this book is similar to another book, film, story, or article that you have read or seen. What connections or comparisons can you make?
  • 6. What do you think the main idea or theme of this story is? What is the author trying to tell you about life or our world with this book?

Thanks for reading!:)Please check out some of my other posts to get good reading suggestions. Feel free to comment below!


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