Ways I cope

Siobhan has given Christopher a number of techniques for how to handle stressful situations and calm himself. What are a few of these? What situations do you find stressful or overwhelming? What techniques do you use to refocus, re-set, or de-stress?

When Christopher is stressed, he multiplies by two, groans, rocks, goes into cramped places where only he can fit, holds himself, and thinks of patterns and techniques in games with shapes.

Sometimes I’m stressed about homework while sometimes I am stressed simply because I can feel that my parents are. When my family visits our extended family, I’m often worried I will say something wrong. I don’t feel like I can act myself around some of our extended family and it makes me worried that I will act out of turn. I often make lists to better understand what I’m feeling and to help me cope. Though making a list of homework I need to do may seem like it’d be stressful, but it’s helpful to know exactly what I need to do. I also enjoy being around animals such as my chicken or cats. I have also noticed that watching fish helps, it’s quite hypnotizing. I use meditation to help center myself and recognize (then let go of) the stress that I’m feeling. Exercising is also a really good way to de-stress. I enjoy exercising by doing yoga, which is also very centering. If I’m feeling “stressed” (I feel that stressed is too strong a word for this situation,) about homework, then I will take breaks to remind myself to just relax and get in the flow. Having something like a lollipop or gum in my mouth is also helpful to “de-stress.”

While discussing these questions in class I learned that many people do the same things I do to cope such as playing a situation through in your head. Another thing that really helps is to talk about it with someone I trust. A friend can help you talk things through and hopefully you have someone who’d be there for you, too!

Thanks for reading!:) I try to make my other posts deeper and more interesting so consider checking them out. How do you cope in stressful situations? Feel free to comment below!


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