My longest journey…


What is the longest trip or journey you have gone on by yourself? How did it feel to be alone and figure things out? Was anything unexpectedly confusing? Do you use public transit in San Francisco? Have you had any interesting, unexpected, or frightening experiences while traveling on your own? Explain.

Though I can’t say that I’ve been on a plane by myself or that I’ve run away, I do walk home from school. Because of all of the bad experiences I’ve had walking home through the Mission, my parents aren’t usually comfortable with me taking public transportation by myself. (Though I know most parents are fine with it by my age.) Sometimes, though, there isn’t another option besides to take public transportation by yourself. One specific time was when neither of my parents could pick me up from shadowing a high school. I walked to Mollie Stones, grabbed some lunch then walked to the bus stop. Usually, when I walk home, I get catcalled. I believe that this is because the men who catcall me are in cars while I walk. They feel more comfortable catcalling because they know they can just drive away. When you’re inside of a bus, no one can just “drive away.” (Obviously.) In that way, I think that taking public transportation can be safer than walking. While on the bus, “journeying” home, nothing was confusing or unexpected. I strongly feel that it is way more fun to take a bus with friends. Though I haven’t been on a plane by myself, I have with my older sister. Last summer, we went on a plane together to go see my uncle and aunt. Nothing surprising or exciting happened on the plane, but I thought I should mention it.

Thanks for reading!:) I try to make my other posts deeper and more interesting so consider checking them out. What’s the longest journey you’ve gone on by yourself? Feel free to comment below!


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