Lied to by someone in authority…

Though I know I could turn this into a really interesting post about being lied to by someone who worked for the government or a stranger, I am choosing not to make it like this because I don’t have a lot of experience with these things due to the fact that I am thirteen.

Think about a time when you were lied to by someone in authority. Maybe it was a white lie to spare your feelings, or maybe they were purposely misrepresenting something for their own gain. Describe what happened. How did you discover that they had lied to you? What did you feel after you realized they had lied? Do you understand their motivations? Under what circumstances would you (or have you) lied to someone younger than yourself?

When I was younger, four-seven, my parents used to put gifts under our Christmas tree under the name “Santa Claus.” I don’t remember the times that I actually believed these labels because I was so young, but I definitely remember the labels.

Many kids have heard the little white lie about Santa Claus, and because it is such a small lie, (and a sweet, forgiving one,) I don’t remember being mad at my parents. I don’t remember exactly how I found out about this lie, (again, because I was so young,) but I’m guessing it had to do with my sisters. I am and have been raised with a “double to most truths” because my parents always tell me something a little more innocent while my older sisters tell me things really, really bluntly. Because I knew Santa Claus was fake for a long time, I never felt that “emptiness” without him. I remember being secretly annoyed with my parents for putting on that “Santa Claus” label (because I knew that it was from them) but still loving how they tried to get me to imagine a man in a costume, flying on a sled pulled by caribou. I honestly don’t fully understand why we tell our kids about Santa Claus, but I think it comes down to wanting them to imagine something and to just follow the culture of what other parents do.

I would easily lie to someone younger than myself if I had to. I have tried (and failed) to lie about Santa. I don’t think I would lie about something life changing or something other than a white lie. I know some parents have to lie for good reasons so I can’t really comment on that… Just do you!

Thanks for reading!:) I try to make my other posts deeper and more interesting so consider checking them out. When have you been lied to by someone in authority? Feel free to comment below!


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