What’s in your pocket?

 In Chapter 23 we learn about Christopher’s character from what he has in his pockets. In a blog post, explain at least five things that you have in your pockets, backpack, or bag. Describe each item, find a picture that represents each, and explain how each item tells something about you.pen-notebook-3

A notebook and a writing utensil

There are so many times that I hear or see something meaningful and want to write it down. A notebook is so useful to have because I love to record important things so I can go back to that moment or idea and expand on it later. I think this shows that I hold onto things that are important to me, whether it’s a friend or an idea.

hp_nutrifilesSomething to read

I get into situations where I have to wait for something/someone. Though I love looking at things around me and really understanding my surroundings, sometimes I want to read. Previously, the reading I have brought with me is something that I know I have to read but don’t necessarily want to. I think that this can tell you that I love reading and learning new things.

sku_001_01.png210-0213-2.gifTissues, hand sanitizer & water bottle

I am one of those people who always has tissues and I always try to have a water bottle on me. I probably always carry tissues and water because my mom always has; she is a role model for me and is usually always prepared. a972dcb2-100c-4343-8513-153879ad6b69.pngI also carry them because if a friend is sick or needs water, I like to be able to assist them and be prepared, so it’s not just for myself. Hand sanitizer…well…I just like being clean. I think this tells people that I like to be prepared because that’s how I was raised.


tab-479402-png-ulenscale-460x460As a teenager, this is an especially important addition to my purse. Though I hardly ever forget to put deodorant on, sometimes I do…and it’s always in my bag for me to use! I usually have it in there, though, in case I randomly sweat and need a little extra. I think this is just kind of basic and doesn’t tell much about me besides what I have already said: I like to be prepared.

CS_Cherry.pngLip balm & hand lotion

I love having soft lips. I don’t know what it is, but it makes me feel comfortable and like everything’s normal in my life. 81096_alt0.pngHand lotion is just nice to have because some bathrooms have really drying soap and my hands are sensitive. Again, I like to be prepared.

Wallet w/ ID, library card, keys to my house (usually,) clipper card, some cash, and coins for a meter…

You never know what life is going to throw at you. thecoinspot-com-us-washington-head-quarter-dollar-coin-details-nmmeXf-clipart.pngMaybe you’ll make last minute plans with your friend and realize you need your clipper card… Maybe your parent forgets coins for a meter and you realize you have some quarters in your purse… There are so many situations where all the things listed above would be useful. I’d like to think that this shows that I can be spontaneous yet organized and practical.

Bobby pins & an extra hair tiebobby-pins

I have long, dense hair so I go through hair ties fast because they are constantly breaking on me. I carry bobby pins because I have trouble thinking when my hair is in my face, just like Violet Baudelaire. I think this can show that I love to think about deep or complicated things randomly and like to be prepared to do that.


I like to stay fresh.

Toothbrush & pasteTooth-Brush-With-Tooth-Paste-PNG-Image (1).png

This is weird…I know. Sometimes I leave the house in such a rush that I forget to brush my teeth. This is uncomfortable to me, so after choir, before school starts, I enjoy brushing my teeth. I guess this could show I like hygiene.


My face isn’t thattt pale, but my cheeks always get red. Since I blush a lot, I like to minimize the amount of sun my cheeks get. Though I definitely don’t put it on every morning, if the sun gets intense during the day, I’ll throw some on. I use a moisturizer with SPF in it too. This could show that I (again) like to be prepared.


Watch/something to tell time withrolex-watch-psd96299

I’m too obsessed with knowing the time. I don’t know what it is, but something about knowing the time makes me feel at ease. I check the time too much. I like to know when I go to sleep, so I check the clock right before I know I’m going to fall asleep. I don’t know what it is, but I like it. This could show that organization is important to me because I like to know when things happen.

43108_fl.pngFine tip sharpie

I just found out it was illegal to carry a regular sized Sharpie (due to tagging) so I changed this to a fine-tipped Sharpie. Sometimes, when I get bored, I like to dress my black and white Converse with random shapes and patterns

Thanks for reading!:) What do you do to feel prepared and not bored? Feel free to comment below!


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