Asperger’s Syndrome

What are the symptoms?

Asperger’s Syndrome (AS) is a developmental disorder that affects one percent of the world’s population. Most people are diagnosed at a young age due to the fact that it is usually quite apparent by then. Others are diagnosed later in their lives because AS isn’t always obvious. Because it’s a developmental disorder, there is a range of how much it affects certain people; this is called the spectrum. Some people may take medication to lessen the affects while for some, medication doesn’t help. Some of the symptoms are repetitive patterns of likes and dislikes, and a lot of non-verbal communication (by the time children without AS would be able to communicate verbally). Another way that doctors diagnose people with AS is by how they interact with others. Many people with AS aren’t good at reading social cues.

What difficulties does a person with this disorder face?

People with this disorder probably face a LOT of judgment from others. They may feel helpless because they might require help to do certain things. Many homeless people have mental or developmental disorders such as AS. I think that this is partially because many people reject people with these disabilities. I’m also sure that many people don’t have enough money to get the services that they require to live day to day.

What is one thing you find difficult in your daily life and how do you cope?

I am super lucky and there isn’t much that I find difficult in my day to day life. One of my sisters is depressed and sometimes I let that get me down. I cope with this by not staying around the house and instead, by getting out and doing the things I love to do. I think that doing things that you’re passionate about can help one cope in many ways. Only boring people get bored, right?

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