Lane Cake

A common cake in Alabama cooking is lane cake. Lane cake was invented by Emma Rylander Lane, who is from Alabama. Lane cake has pecans, coconut and raisins between its layers. The actual cake part is a kind of sponge cake made with bourbon. It typically has many layers.

“There was a big cake and two little ones on Miss Maudie’s kitchen table. There should have been three little ones. It was not like Miss Maudie to forget Dill, and we must have shown it. But we understood when she cut from the big cake and gave the slice to Jem.”

Lane cake is mentioned in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. In this book, the cake represents adulthood. One of the characters in this book, Maudie, usually gives the main characters, who are children, each a small cake. Because one of the children is more mature, he is given a slice of a big cake instead of the usual mini-cakes Maudie makes for the children. I believe that this signifies Jem (the more mature one) is growing up and understanding things. He is getting a taste of the adult world (the big cake). Right after Maudie says that Jem will have to be a bit older to understand something that she said, Scout (the main character,) notices that Jem has eaten half of his slice. I believe that this is showing that while he understands many things, he is ultimately still a child and still doesn’t have many experiences that adult have. This event generally shows us how mature Jem has become.

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