Will you stand up? Or stand by?

Standing up or standing by

It can be difficult to do the right thing, especially when you’re young and under the influence of others. When have you stood up for someone or for a cause? It can be small, like telling your brother to stop squishing ants, or something bigger, like volunteering for something you believe in or stepping in to stop a bully.

I have an easy life. I don’t have to worry about finding food or shelter; I don’t have to worry about education or learning the English language, but I see the struggle of other people around me, every day. I live in the Mission, and this has had a big influence on my life.

Because of my age, I feel I haven’t gotten opportunities to make a big difference. I have tried my best to make small differences, whether it be giving a dollar to a person on the street that needs it more than me or advocating for something (or someone). These little things will lead to bigger things when I am older. I hope to raise awareness and fundraise a lot when I feel like I have the support and the trust from other adults.

For those who know me, I don’t tend to back down from important arguments. I am firm in what I believe in, stubborn if you will, and I enjoy creating a good argument (mind you, not having an argument, but stating a good argument). I don’t care about what people think of my political views, as long as they don’t wish to harm me because of them.

My father works at Friends of the Urban Forest and he directs many of the projects and plantings. I enjoy helping out where I can, but I find it hard to be surrounded by adults. Okay, honestly, I get along with adults really well, but I do not like the way they generally treat me as inferior, you know? I am so much more than they think I am, and the way that they treat me makes me not want to be around them. I’m just a teenager, huh? The stereotype of teenagers continues because we certainly fit some aspects of it. 🙂

Think about a time when you were courageous. How did it feel? How did other people react to you?

Again, I haven’t done anything big, but when I do something somewhat courageous, it fuels my desire to help people. It feels great and comforts me with the knowledge that I will continue to do good. Other people usually react to my “courageousness,” or the courageousness of others around me, by being surprised and being full of gratitude.

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