Discussion Q- “No One Should Be Above The Law”

No one should be above the law.

(Note: This has opinions!)

I believe that no one should be above the laws that are just and that are there for a reason. If a law is unjust, or if laws don’t protect you from someone/something, I believe that you may go ahead, and “be above the law.” Some laws are unjust, and this causes people to rebel. People may protest in many ways. Some people protest by doing exactly the opposite of what the law asks for, causing the Congress, or the system put in place to create laws, to rethink the law. If no one spoke out against these laws, I don’t think anything would happen; I think we wouldn’t be able to move forward with our many social justice issues. Because some of us have many privileges in life, we may not see the need to break the laws at most times. (Buzzfeed video about privilege)


The truth is, many people are don’t follow the law when they need to/should. For example, some people commit murder, which is obviously against the law, and some people are rich enough to do something terrible and pay people not to tell, or pay people to do their dirty work. This is one of the reasons why justice can be so hard to find. When some people believe they are above something, this creates an unfairness that may lead other people to believe that they too are above the law.


I’ve heard teenagers telling stories about how they once stole from a corner store. After listening from their stories, I’ve concluded that these kinds of people (people who steal when they don’t really need something,) steal to look cool, or badass. This is so stupid. The opposite of this would be to steal because you really need something. In a TV show I once watched, a girl was nearly homeless and her brother (who got strokes if he didn’t take his medication,) had run out of his meds. His sister frantically ran to a pharmacy but found that the drugs were too expensive to buy. She decided to steal them. A lot of people would say that she had no right to be above the law. I say that all people should have access to the medicines they need to stay safe/healthy. This goes right along with another question that was asked in our class discussion: Are all people created equal? The answer is complicated, but let me just say that some people are born needing a medication to survive. Do you think that character had a right to steal those drugs? Would you steal for someone to survive?


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