BT- Pre-reading post for section 9

How much do you feel like life is ruled by fate or design, and how much of life is pure chance? Do you believe in luck or karma? Why or why not?

I don’t really feel like life is ruled by fate because the world doesn’t revolve around one person; e.g., if the bus comes a little late, right after you were mean to a friend, that doesn’t mean that the bus came late because of that. It probably just means that the bus driver got caught in traffic, but, if you like conspiracy theories, you could say that your friend told the bus driver to come late because you were mean.

I don’t think that life is ruled by fate or chance, because as people go on with their lives, they make decisions. These decisions affect our everyday lives and then, our choices. I think that when you make a decision, the outcome is never chance. I do think that things like rolling a die can be chance because dice aren’t necessarily affected by the roller. Some could argue that they are, because some people roll in different ways. In on the fence about the dice to be completely honest.

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