“Good deeds Never Go Unpunished.” -Clare Boothe Luce

“Good deeds never go unpunished.” -Clare Boothe Luce

I think this saying means that whenever you do something nice, with a good intent, something bad always happens to you as a result. I do not agree with this statement because there are so many other factors in life besides just what you do. The world doesn’t revolve around you; other people make different decisions that affect everyone. By knowing that, it proves that things happen, it’s not always our fault and it’s not always someone else’s fault. Thing just happen.

An example from my life that shows that this quote can sometimes be right, is when I organized a shelf that didn’t need to be organized because it had stuff we were about to pack up in it. Then, I had to basically ruin what I spent time on, and instead, pack it into a box. 😦

I consider myself to mostly be a pessimist because I think things though too much. Whenever I go into something, I have to think about the worst thing that could possibly happen. Sometimes I’m an optimist, but that’s usually when I’m trying to make someone feel better about something, e.g., when my friend was thinking about all the worst things that could happen in a situation, and I told her that that didn’t matter and she should do it if it made her happy and comfortable.


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