BT-Pre-reading Post For Sect. 6

I have many objects that are special to me and represent many different things about me, or about my life.

The Golden Travel Button That Contains The World:

One of the items that I treasure the most is a medium-sized, metal button that I take with me whenever and wherever I travel. It is almost perfectly round and is golden. In the center of the button there’s an interpretation of the Earth that includes shapes from each of the continents. Around this “Earth,” there are roman numerals from one to twelve. I don’t really know why I’m so attracted to it. It might be because I want to travel a lot and it’s fun to think that this button will always travel with me.

The Woven Gold Necklace That Laces Its Way Tightly Around My Throat:

Last year, my mom gave me a gold necklace that used to be my grandmother’s. It cinches pretty close to my neck and is about three millimeters thick. The chain itself was created from very thin strands of gold woven and braided together to make a virtually strong chain. I used to wear it almost every day until it looked like it was breaking. I’ll get it fixed soon! This necklace is special to me because I am the third generation in my family to be wearing it. Also, it’s real gold and it’s super pretty.

The Metal Horse With Beautiful Patterns:

Recently, my grandparents made their “final move” to an assisted living place for seniors. My family’s job was to clean out the house and to go through all the gorgeous things my grandparents collected over their many years of travel. Nana (the father of my mother in Pakistani tradition,) collected so many things from his travel, he didn’t even want all of them. One of the things I brought home for me, is a beautifully sculpted, metal horse with intricate designs on it. This horse reminds me of my grandparents and their wonderful accomplishments.

A Cheap, Metal Ring, That To Me, Is Priceless:

Very recently, I went to Alemany’s famous flea-market. As I was walking pass beautiful arrangements of post-hole-diggers, shiny earrings, and lots of shoes, a shiny metal ring caught my eye. There were many of these rings. Not all of them were the same shape, but they were all made of the same metal and they all had the same style about them. I chose the one that had no match. I chose the one that fit both of my two ring-fingers on either hand. I chose the ring with the most detail and design. This ring means a lot to me because to me it represents people pushing through bad times.

Four Cold, Stone Hearts That Contain More Warmth Than You Must Feel:

I have four stone hearts that fit in the palm of my hand. Each one, (besides the one that represents me,) was carefully picked by me, for my closest friends. All the hearts have different colors, and with the color, each friend is represented. These hearts mean a lot to me because they represent friendship. Whenever I doubt my friendship with someone, I hold a heart in the palm of my hand and figure out ways that I can fix any problem relating to friendship/s.

Thanks for reading! 🙂 Please check out some of my other posts to get good reading suggestions. Feel free to comment below!


One thought on “Totems

  1. Hey Nabila good post.
    The one thing I noticed was that you said “in the center of the button” twice in the 1st paragraph. You also put a ; instead of a ‘ in the second paragraph. Thats all I see so that adds up to an…AMAZING blog post. I love how you have so many things that are important to you! When you go to college you will have a lot of things to remind you of home! 🙂


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