Everyday Heroes

BT-Pre-reading Post For Sect. 5


What acts of ordinary heroism have you witnessed? 

I have witnessed many acts of heroism. Although small, every act counts.

When I was about five, my whole family wanted to take a trip to the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco. While we were walking along one of the paths, my dad noticed a family of separated Mallard ducks. You see, the ducklings were stuck in a one-way water filtration system and their parents were leaving without them. My dad bravely and firmly pulled the filtration system up, reached his hand in, and took each duckling out separately and carefully. To this day, I am amazed at how well my dad handled the situation. He was brave.

Have you ever stood up for someone or done something admirable?

I have stood up for people on many occasions and made sure their voices were heard. I have not been put in a place where I’ve had to be that brave.

At school, people are mean to each other. It’s pretty inevitable. It isn’t inevitable, though, that someone should stand up to the person that was being mean. Sometimes, you have to be that person. Sometimes, you have to stand up to that bully. While silence is probably the easiest option, being a bystander is not acceptable. Sure, I’ve been a bystander, but since then, I learned what I can do with my voice. Bulling should not be tolerated and I know a lot of people whose lives were affected by bulling.

So, yes, I’ve stood up for people who have had trouble finding their voice.

Who do you admire? Why? Are they well known or not?

There are so many people I admire. I think that my parents are some of the most admirable people in the world. I admire my mom because she works so hard, she never gives up, she has a great attitude, she’s caring, optimistic, smart, and she has good politics. She’s a great mom and she understands me. I admire my dad because he’s hard working, smart, passionate, blunt, funny, stupidly brave, caring, and gets immersed in anything. He’s a great dad and I look up to him. Both of my sisters are also people I look up to. Since they’re older than me, they are the ones who pave the road for me, teach me new things, relate to me, and help me with whatever I’m dealing with. I also look up to my friends, they are the ones who support me, care for me, are always there for me, and do honorable things for good causes. There are also a lot of people I look up to who are more well-known, e.g., Howard Zinn, Alan Moore, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Cleopatra, Emilia Earhart, Sonia Sotomayor, and Rosalind Franklin, only to name a few.

I admire Howard Zinn because he had the courage to write down what actually happened in the bloody history of the United States.

I admire Alan Moore because of his amazing idea to write the amazing graphic novel V for Vendetta, and because he wrote and expanded on capitalism as well as connecting capitalism to our world today.

I admire Ta-Nehisi Coates because of his beautiful book, Between the World and Me, and how he described racism truthfully.

I admire Cleopatra because she was strong and able to prove to many that she was able to handle ruling by herself.

I admire Emilia Earheart because it was very brave to be the first woman to fly over the Atlantic Ocean by herself.

I admire Sonia Sotomayor because she is a Supreme Court Justice and she truly climbed her way from the bottom to the top. (I read a really great autobiography by her, you should definitely read it.)

I admire Rosalind Franklin because she was able to figure out what DNA looked like, even though she was constantly put down and believed to be less because she was a woman.

Thanks for reading! 🙂 Please check out some of my other posts to get good reading suggestions. Remember that (generally) every book mentioned, even if it’s not starred, is recommended. Feel free to comment below!


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