My Knowledge Of WWII

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The Book Thief-BT


Another book I have read that takes place in Nazi Germany around 1939, besides The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, is Maus by Art Spiegelman. Maus tells the story of the author’s father’s time in WWII. This story shows how hard it was to hide from the Nazis if you opposed them or were Jewish; it also shows the terrors that the Nazis brought with them. The setting of the story, WWII, definitely affects the lives of the characters in this book, e.g. the main character is forced to leave his home and seek shelter in the house of a Polish person he doesn’t know. One of the things I learned from this book is that it was almost impossible to keep your family together if you were a Jewish person in WWII.

Hitler was against many people, so in WWII, many groups of people had to hide. Some of those groups were the Jewish people, people with darker skin in general, and people with disabilities. (I’m sorry if I left out a few groups, I’m still learning about this subject.)

I know that Jewish people had to wear disguises to survive. I know that many Jewish people were forced into hiding. I know that many people in WWII starved.

War usually affects people’s lives pretty majorly.

Some of the people who weren’t Jewish in WWII agreed with Hitler and felt that what he was doing was wrong, many didn’t, but didn’t have any power to stop him, many tried to help, and housed Jewish people, hiding them.

I have also read The Green Glass Sea by Ellen Klages. The Green Glass Sea takes place in America during WWII.

I have also watched “Patton,” which is basically a biogrpahical film about George Patton’s time as a senior officer in WWII.

Over a long period of time, I’ve watched many documentaries and read biographies about WWII. In general, the documentaries have taught me a lot about the kind of warfare used in WWII, the weapons that were predominantly used, and the settings of many battles that, prior to watching, I had never heard about.


Thanks for reading! Remember that most of the books that I mention in my posts are book recommendations. 🙂 Please check out some of my other posts to get good reading suggestions. Feel free to comment below! 


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