Your Family Can Include…

(This post may include some 
things that you don’t agree with.)family-isnt-always-blood

Your family can include people you are not related to.

Even though the dictionary doesn’t agree, I think that your family can include people you aren’t related to because family includes the people who love you and care for you. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you are related.

For example, when my mom was growing up, she wanted someone a little older to talk to. Someone who she could ask anything to, and not feel the awkwardness of talking to her parents about things she didn’t want to talk about. She found friendship in her next door neighbor, now my Aunt, Virginia. Virginia and my mom quickly became friends and soon enough, my mom considered her to be part of her family, a <insert>. Even now, my mom still considers her to be <her/a blank>. I consider Aunt Virginia to be my Aunt, even though she isn’t my mom or dad’s sister.

Some people are adopted. I know a lot of people who have an adopted child and hear people constantly saying, “Oh, so you aren’t her real mother.” That is not true. The child’s real parent/s are the ones who cared and raised her. If the child’s birth parent wasn’t able to care for his/her/their child, it’s good that she/he/they made the decision to give up his/her/their child for adoption.

Although some people might be adopted, or one of their parents remarried, they might not want to consider that person part of their family. That’s okay, give them time; they need time to adjust. You can’t force someone to feel a certain way about you.

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