Book Review- The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian (by Sherman Alexie)

DELETEExplain the plot of the book, or if it is a non-fiction book, what topics are

This book is about a young “Indian’s” struggle to find hope and keep it, while living on a reservation.

Junior, the main character and the “Indian” boy, doesn’t have a very good life at home, his dad is always drunk, and in all, his whole family is depressed. Junior’s school life isn’t any better, he is constantly picked on and calls himself part of the “black-eye-club-of-the-month;” meaning that he gets black eyes commonly.

Junior needs to go somewhere with hope, off of the reservation he lives on. Away from his school Wellpinit. He needs to go to another school. He decides to go to Reardan, a rich, white, small-town school.

When he goes to Reardan, there is no doubt that he will be bullied. I mean, if you’re the only “Indian,” in a school of white, racist people, whose mascot is an “Indian,” you’re bound to be noticed, ignored and/or made fun of for no reason.

As Junior struggles through his first year at Reardan, he also faces struggle at home; close, family members, are dying…Junior is swallowed by sadness for a time, but then he realizes that he can find hope.

Describe one of the characters in the book. Would you want to meet this character? Why or why not?

One of the characters in this book is Roger, a football player, a basketball player, the “popular” guy at Reardan, he is racist, he is white, and he is a boy, who somehow becomes friends with Junior. Roger says some messed up stuff, (read my post: [post on racial slurs]).

So…no, I would not like to meet Roger. Although he may have been friends with Junior for a time, he is still very racist, and in my opinion, not a nice person.

What is your opinion of the book? Would you recommend it? Why or why not?

I would definitely recommend this book! This book is probably a 3.75/5. Sherman Alexie’s writing style definitely isn’t my favorite style, but the story was really good. If you’re looking for a challenging book to read, this isn’t the book for you.

This story is sad, heart-wrenching, extremely comic, and informative.

Explain how this book is similar to another book, film, story, or article that you have read or seen. What connections or comparisons can you make?

This book reminds me of the book The House On Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros. Both of the main characters are poor, both characters are trapped. The latter is the most important. They are both trapped because people around them have no hope.

They both need to go somewhere with more hope, so they can keep theirs.

What do you think the main idea or theme of this story is? What is the author trying to tell you about life or our world with this book?

This book is part memoir, part fiction, so I think that the author wanted to share part of his life, but not an uncomfortable amount of it. I also think that Sherman Alexie wanted to enlighten us, he wanted to teach us about the experience of living on a reservation. Alexie also wanted to show his personal hardships and what he, personally felt at certain moments. He wanted to show us how hard it was to live there, how little hope there was, and how many deaths, took place on the reservation.


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