ATDPTI- How you play the game…

“It’s not weather you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.”

What does this statement mean?

This statement means that it’s more important how you live your life, then any gains that may come from it.

Do you agree, or disagree? Why?

It’s hard to say weather I agree or disagree because although it may not matter, most of us still care about the outcome…or at least, I do 🙂 .

My Argument for Disagreeing

“‘It’s just a game,'” he said. ‘It’s not worth all this.’

But he was lying…it was not just a game. Every game is important…is serious.”

(Page 148, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian.)


A really good example of this is a sports game. When you’re playing you’re focused on the game. In a fast moving game, at least for me, I’m hardly thinking, but I’m still, consciously, thinking/trying to do my best. At the end of the game, if we had lost, I wouldn’t be fully happy even if did a good job, because for most of the sports I actually play, it’s a team effort, and if the rest of the team didn’t do very well…well, I’m not going to feel great myself.

My Argument for Agreeing

In life, “playing the game” can just mean living. When I die, hopefully I will have made a difference to humanity, that’s how I want to play my game. I don’t care if I don’t get remembered, but I want to change something for the better. I know that just sounds like a whole bunch of b.s., but I really do mean it.

Thanks For Reading! Please comment below if you have any questions, thoughts or ideas. 🙂


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