Book Review- Barbie Girl (by Heidi Acosta)

(Don’t judge a book by its cover!)    


Why did you choose this book?

I chose this book because I was looking for a good list of reading books online.

Explain the plot of the book.

This book is about a girl, literally named Barbie, whose life is nothing like anyone thinks it is. Everyone thinks that Barbie has a good life, you know, doesn’t have to deal with a constantly drunk mother who won’t take care of her or her autistic brother, doesn’t have to deal with a creepy guy who wants her to become a prostitute…But, she does have to deal with those things, no one knows it. Everyone thinks she is a “slut” and a “whore,” but whatever that actually means, isn’t true about her.

This book is also about a boy named Dylan. Dylan is in “love” with this other girl, who happens to have a perfect life, she’s rich, and pretty; basically the opposite of Barbie, (though Barbie is supposed to be pretty…well, more like sexy). Barbie needs to pass a class, she needs a tutor; Dylan agrees to tutor her only if she helps him get the girl he’s in love with, Katie.

Describe one of the characters in the book. Would you want to meet this character? Why or why not?

One of the characters in this book is Katie. The “perfect” girl that “everyone” wants to be and the girl that Dylan is in love with. I would not like to meet Katie because she would just make up rumors about me and say mean things behind my back…not the ideal friend.

What is your opinion of the book? Would you recommend it? Why or why not?

This book is AMAZING is starts out kind of “shallowly”, you don’t know that it’s about to get really deep and meaningful. 10/10. This is an amazing love story where a girl “finds love in a hopeless place”.

If/when you start this book, know that in the beginning, it starts out kind of…interestingly…so just, know that.

There are some mature themes in this book and some bad language, so, just…be prepared.

I still definitely recommend this book!!!

Explain how this book is similar to another book, film, story, or article that you have read or seen. What connections or comparisons can you make?

This book reminds me of The House On Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros. I think they are similar because they both are about poverty. Both of the main characters in these two books are ashamed of where they live, because they are poor.

I think I can honestly say that this book is basically the opposite of any romantic fiction book I have ever read.

So, let me share why this book is so different. One, the main character in most romantic fiction novels is usually a smart, rich, girl with a perfect life, but in this book, it’s not. Two, the book switches off perspective between Barbie and Dylan. Three, most romantic novels aren’t this explicit with violence. This book is. Yes, there is violence.

One thing in this book that I’m not so sure of is who is the main character. Most of the book reads from the point of view of Dylan, but Barbie had chapters from her perspective too. Barbie’s character definitely stood out to me, and seemed more important than Dylan’s character. Let me clarify: in this blog post, when I say “main character,” I am referring to Barbie.

What do you think the main idea or theme of this story is? What is the author trying to tell you about life or our world with this book? 

The theme and idea that this story is trying to convey is: don’t judge someone based on rumors when their life could be harder than yours.

Barbie’s life is hard. Very, very hard. I think the author is trying to show what poverty looks like, feels like, and, just…is.

This book is really sad.

Here’s a taste of the Heidi Acosta’s writing:

“They have no clue, how their words are like a knife cutting me deep. ‘You think you have everything figured out, that everyone has their place, that it is black and white, but you fail to see the gray in between.'”

Barbie Girl (by Heidi Acosta)

This quote is Barbie hinting to Dylan that her life isn’t like everyone thinks it is; that she isn’t a “whore,” like everyone thinks she is, that her life is hard…but no one knows. She is hinting that Dylan’s crush, the “perfect” girl who has it all, isn’t like she seems. She is saying that no matter how little she seems to care about rumors, they still hurt, like a knife wound.

Reading Suggestions:

  • Barbie Girl by Heidi Acosta
  • The House On Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros

Thanks for reading! 🙂 Please check out some of my other posts to get good reading suggestions. Feel free to comment below!


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