Continuum Discussion

Everyone lives their life in a variety of different worlds, it’s impossible to bring them together. (Before you disagree, read this post.)

To me this is saying that one person can be many things, that one person can be like two different people, that, is a world; and that those different worlds are so separate, that they cannot be brought together.

I agree with this statement. I agree with it because it’s true for me:

Worlds, to me, can mean many things…

How I act around different people. I admit, I act differently around different people, while sometimes I am shy, quiet, and contemplating my every move, I can be loud, laugh for hours, and state what I’m thinking, without thinking. I can be guarded, not relaxed, ill at ease and sometimes, just…annoyed. You can probably bring out another side of me, just try and get to know me better.

Where I am. At home, I am basically the same person. I act differently though, I am more relaxed. This isn’t just true for being at home; honestly, its anywhere outside of school. At school, we have to act a certain way, participate, and not talk to our friends during class. I have to “hold back” and “restrain” myself from doing so, (mentally of course).


If I’m literally on a different planet. That would be awesome but it’s probably never going to happen 😦 . Here’s an interesting way to look at it: how I act around different people, where I am, all are states of mind for me, or places I can be, if I am on Earth, I can’t be there while also have myself, the same person, living on Mars. Right now, that’s impossible.

Job/place of work. I would act differently if I had a job, at that job. Basically like school.

A good example of acting different around different people is when I have a “crush” on someone. When we were younger, most people acted inconsiderately to their crushes, acted like we hated them, despised them, loathed them; now, for me at least, I act shy around them, I contemplate my every move, scared I will do something wrong.

I can make a connection, I’m not sure it’s necessarily in the news, but think about judges. Think about a Supreme Court Justice, do you think they act differently in a courtroom than how they would act at home, with their spouse? Yes. I think they would. (Read my section on “where I am” [it’s the same])

Questions answered:

What does this statement mean?

Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why?

Use at least one example to support your opinion (example can be from your own experience or not)

What is one connection from this statement to something you have read, watched, or heard about in the news?

Thanks for reading! 🙂 Please check out some of my other posts to get good reading suggestions. Feel free to comment below!


12 thoughts on “Continuum Discussion

  1. I really liked how you went into detail about your emotions! I think some of the sentences were a little bit confusing- maybe grammar check for run on sentences! What’s your favorite version of u?


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