Book Review-Stick Figure (by Lori Gottlieb)


I chose this book because I was looking for a good, interesting, non-fiction book. In parts of this book I don’t want to remember that it actually happened, in real life, because Stick figure by Lori Gottlieb, is a very sad book.

This book is about the author’s journey through beating anorexia nervosa. Anorexia causes people to obsess over their weight, and become nervous about it. People who have it want to be skinny, in this book, thin. People starve themselves to be skinny, and this has to do with society’s pressure on women to be skinny; this book teaches readers, in a non-direct way, about that pressure. Statistics show that only 10-15% of people with anorexia in the U.S. are male. This shows that it is much more pressurizing for women to be skinny. When most people imagine an anorexic person, they immediately think of a skinny, scary skinny, person; but that isn’t always true. People who are obese can still get anorexia nervosa. 

I am going to pick the main character, who is also the author. I would want to meet Lori because maybe I could help show her how skinny she is and help her fight anorexia. Also, Lori seems like a cool person, maybe a little bit of a smart aleck, but interesting and exciting as a person.

I would definitely recommend this book because it is so hard to put down, and it will educate you about what people who have anorexia are going through. Anorexia is a problem, most people say being obese is a greater problem; but they are equal, and basically opposites. (Being obese isn’t necessarily bad at all, but it’s good for your body to stay healthy.)

This book…is like none I have ever read. Usually I can make some connection, but really, I have never read a book like this. I guess I can connect it to any book about people fighting anorexia, or about the pressures society puts on women to be skinny.

I think the author is trying to tell us many things, but hear this: in this book, before the author got anorexia, she wondered why people in her class where dieting at age 11. They were dieting partially because in her school if you dieted, you were popular; I think they were also dieting because they wanted to have a slim, thin figure. I think this maybe steered Lori to start dieting. Her mom was also dieting.

Lori’s mom always said things like, “Why can’t you have that perfect figure?” While pointing to a very skinny girl, or saying, “Lori, eat like a lady, don’t eat too much.” While giving all her food to her brother and/or father. Her mom thinks it’s the mens’ duty to eat their fill while the women get hardly anything to eat, this is also a social construct. Although her mom diets, Lori constantly sees her mom awake late at night, binging on pastries and other sweets.

In this book, Lori sees many grown-up women dieting, and I think this helps Lori want to diet. Also, Lori’s mom has a friend with a daughter who diets. When Lori’s family was invited over to dinner, the mom’s friend’s daughter, Kate, eats very little, and says to Lori as she’s eating, “Wow, you must be very hungry.” When she is eating the amount she should be for a growing girl of 11. Kate is one of the characters that really wants Lori to diet.

Lori is also very good at math. When you have anorexia, that’s not a good thing because you are able to calculate calories in your head. A quote from this book that show this is when Lori says something like, “If I go to the doctors’ office tomorrow and I lost a pound, I will eat 200 calories per day for two days, but if I stay the same or gain a pound then I won’t eat anything for two days, then eat 200 calories per day for two days.” This shows how much she pays attention to her weight loss and gain.

In this book, Lori also exercises like crazy to lose weight when she has nothing to lose.

Thanks for reading! 🙂 Please check out some of my other posts to get good reading suggestions. Feel free to comment below!


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