Gender Roles and Expectations

Note: this post might not be agreeable with everyone, so if you read something you don’t agree with please don’t be angry and just stop reading! (Please don’t leave rude comments! )   🙂

I think that girls and boys may need to be raised differently at some times. Girls grow up and mature in different ways comparatively to boys. In our society woman are portrayed as “weak”. People objectify woman, (that means people treat women as if they are objects instead of real human beings,) and sexualize them, (that means that they only see women for sex and only see them as sexual beings,) which is totally not true! Women are only one group of oppressed people in America.

Boys and girls might have to start doing certain things at different ages because of the way we live in America. When boys walk on the street no one yells at them and says, “Hey sexy!” When women walk on the street people yell out with catcalls, whistle and say things that make us, women, feel uncomfortable. When I get catcalls usually it’s when I’m walking with my sister(s). I just keep my head down and pretend not to notice. My heart pounds and I feel breathless; does that sound uncomfortable? Well it is. Why should us women have to live like this? Always in fear of harassment. It’s not fair.

When I walk down the street with my sister(s) I get catcalls. When I walk down the street with my dad, do I get catcalls? Nope. Absolutely not. Do you know why this is? It’s because in our society men think they are dominate. When I walk with my dad it’s almost like he’s protecting me, it shouldn’t have to be like that. Why should men get to mark their own? That’s almost what it’s like, like my dad is “claiming” me. He doesn’t mean to; but our society structured and it doesn’t do anything to try to stop what’s happening. Most people don’t understand or realize what’s going on; I want to help you see what’s going on clearly.

I do not think that boys should have science class while girls have sewing class! In fact, I strongly believe that. I’m so glad that I don’t go to a school like that!

A lot of girls and women are shy, maybe they don’t want to be strong, that’s fine! No judgement! But, think of all the girls/women who are shy and quiet but want to be strong. I think there are girls all around the world that want to be strong, but can’t; either because of where they live, how they live, and/or their culture.

A lot of things in our society sexualize women e.g. costumes. Many costumes made for women, as my friend said in class, have names such as “hot nurse” or “sexy sailor”. Sure, maybe some women want to dress like that. But think about the women who, looking at those names and the picture on the tag feel uncomfortable? Many, let me just tell you that.

I know this basically turned into a feminism speech but…

Thanks for reading! Please comment below if you have something nice to say. If you got this far then congrats! You know my views on feminism! (Not all though 🙂 .) I suggest you read my other posts for good book recommendations.


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