Fitting In

A situation where I felt that I didn’t fit in was when my sister won her championship game (for basketball). As everyone ran to the court and hugged eachother I was just standing there awkwardy, even the parents were taking pictures. I don’t know the other basketball girls so that made it even more awkward.

“Outcast” or, being an outcast, means someone who is excluded or rejected from a group. Usually if someone doesn’t fit in, they are really different from the people they are trying to fit in with. If someone doesn’t fit in usually they try to make themselves fit in by changing their appearance or just how they act in general.

I think some attributes that can help make some an outcast is when they are mean, or just plain old rude. Sometimes when you try to talk to someone to help them fit in better they push you away. I think a lot of people who are “kind of” outcasts do this because they don’t know if you really want to be their friend or if you just pity them.

Society and groups have outcasts because it’s impossible for everyone to agree with eachother and everyone can’t be the same. If someone acts differently than everyone else or dresses differently than everyone else usually they are the outcasts in a social group.


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