Book Review- Linger (by Maggie Stiefvater)

I chose this book because I have seen all my friends reading it and they said it was pretty good.


In this book, the second of a trilogy, there is a girl named Grace and a boy named Sam. Of course, they have to become girlfriend and boyfriend. One major secret that Sam has is that he’s a werewolf, (you figure that out very early in the first book). In this specific book Grace is fighting not to become a werewolf herself because her “inner werewolf” is emerging… In this trilogy the plot never really changes, it’s always: “The Boy is werewolf, how can we make him a human?” then, “Oh no! The Girl is a werewolf, what should we do? Oh the only thing we can do is have The Boy then change back to a werewolf to ‘keep her company’.” then, “Oh no! What can we do to make The Girl and The Boy become humans again?” It’s tiring to read these books :). (By the way none of those were real quotes from the book.) So basically the plot is that Grace and Sam have troubles staying human together, but they never fall out of love.

One of the characters in this book is Cole. I know in all my book reviews I have said that I wanted to meet at least one character from each book…it’s still true. I would want to meet Cole because his life has been very stressful and I would like to help him. I would also like to meet him because I know he is a kind person in the inside. (I know that sounds really weird!)

I would recommend this book for anyone who likes a love story. Everything that happens, or at least most things, are centered around Grace’s and Sam’s love for each other, and that can be annoying at times.This book is pretty intense, but some parts aren’t very interesting, just to be honest. I enjoy reading love stories but this one didn’t really stand out to me… I mean, it really was a good book but it was, to me, a stereotypical love story. So yeah if you like that sort of thing, you will love this book! Personally I like love stories that are different from all the rest.

I think that the theme of this book is “love will pull through and keep you sane no matter what” which to me, is not true with everyone :). But on an entirely different point I think the author says, in her little ways at hinting things, that sometimes we all want to escape from our human lives. A lot of the time the wolves in this book have a bad past as a human and being a wolf is their escape. An example of this is Cole, the character I was talking about earlier. He is a good example because he parents wanted him to be a scientist his whole life and he was running away from that. After he expressed to his parents that he didn’t want to be a scientist they basically disowned him, then, he felt like a failure. Then he joined a band and got famous, then he got depressed because of a girl or something… They don’t explain much of this in the book. He was going to commit suicide but then this werewolf named Beck saved him by biting him, turning him into a werewolf. In this book, all your human troubles seem unimportant when you are a werewolf. Cole loves being a werewolf, it is an escape from his human past, and escape all of us need.

Thanks for reading! 🙂 Please check out some of my other posts to get good reading suggestions and feel free to comment below.

Questions answered:

Why did you choose this book?

Explain the plot of the book/poem, or if it is a non-fiction book/poem, what topics are covered.

Describe one of the characters in the book. Would you want to meet this character? Why or why not?

What is your opinion of the book/poem? Would you recommend it? Why or why not?

What do you think the main idea or theme of this book/poem is? What is the author trying to tell you about life or our world with this book/poem?


6 thoughts on “Book Review- Linger (by Maggie Stiefvater)

  1. Hey Nabila,
    Liked your post a lot, and I thought it was really cool how you kind-of related to the reader, it wasn’t all monotone and impersonal. Maybe next time you could have some quotes and connections in the post next time.

    Love ya


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