Friendship, Neighborhood, Home

I think that living in a house that my family owns is different that than living in a house that my family rents because a landlord/lady can evict people who rent the house. I’m not saying that renting a house is bad…There are pros and cons to living in a house you own v.s. renting a house e.g. when you rent a house your landlord/lady usually pays for damage, like a broken water pipe.

I think owners, renters of houses, and homeless people are not equal in America. I think they aren’t equal because in life, people don’t always get “fair” chances. Like if you are reading this right   now you probably have a good, okay or fantastic life because you have access to the internet and you have some form of connection or media to contact people. Homeless people don’t get fair choices. If everyone in America was born with a house, most people would choose to keep it. To sleep with a roof over your head and a locked door to protect you is something everyone needs in America. At night…it’s scary outside, especially for women and homeless people. If there is a murderer walking around and everyones doors are locked, who do you think he/she would kill? The doors? No, the murderer would kill the homeless people. To have something be equal everything needs to be fair. A lot of you will argue, but this is my argument: America is not fair, it is not equal.

If you rent a house people think that you are too “poor” to own a house. This is not true. Some people may like to move a lot, or maybe they don’t spend as much time at home to even care about owning a home instead of renting one. People who own houses, or at least the snobby people who own houses, tend to think that they are higher than the people who rent a house.

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