Self Definition and Identity

My Name Is Nabila

My personal significance of my name is that it that empowers me, my first name and my last name. My middle name empowers me too, because it is the name of my late grandmother. I don’t tell a lot of people what my first name means but I don’t think anyone guesses what it means: noble. It means the same thing to my family…My friends don’t really know what my name means. Well I guess now they do :). My nicknames are: Bi-La and Nabiwa. But only certain people can call me that. Bi-La is a name my sister calls me and I feel like it’s kind of affectionate. I feel that this name: Bi-La is affectionate because she, my sister, used to call me “Bea” and told her to stop. The next time she said it, she said Bea pause La which made it kind of cute because I thought she was going to just call me “Bea” but she respected that I didn’t want to be called that. Nabiwa is what Antini calls me, well most of you know him as Antonio. I don’t remember why he started calling me that and I’m not really sure what it means 🙂 .

Thanks For Reading! 🙂 I encourage readers to go look at my other posts, I have some very good book suggestions!


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