Book Review- Harmonic Feedback (by Tara Kelly)

I chose this book because my sister suggested it to me. Usually she suggests really good books so I took her word for it,  and it was good (or rather, better than good)!


This book is showing the life of a teenage girl who people don’t understand; from her perspective. This is a realistic fiction book, so anything in this book could actually happen. The main plot of this book is basically about a teenage girl facing many hardships, mainly with friendship. The main character’s name is Drea (Andrea) and she struggles as people constantly make fun of her, and be mean to her. 
I will describe Naomi, Drea’s first friend. She is a very nice and accepting person, so I would like to meet her; but not when she’s on drugs. She seems really cool though, she was Drea’s first “real” friend. I would want to meet her because of her kind, cool and bubbly attitude. Overall she seems like she would be a really good friend to me, besides the drugs that she takes…

This book is REALLY, REALLY, REALLY good! I would rate it 5 stars, so basically my opinion of this book is as high as it could be. Personally, I would recommend Harmonic Feedback to people of at least 12, because of all the drugs mentioned. I would recommend it because I think the plot is really good and I absolutely love the characters! It’s so good that just now I started re-reading Harmonic Feedback!

The main idea of this story, as I interpreted it was that everyone has their place anywhere. You may not always feel you fit in, but you will always find someone like you; in the way that both of you feel they don’t fit in. I think the author is trying to tell you that you can fit in, you just have to want to fit in, and then you will :). I also think that the author is also trying to tell you how terrible drugs are… READ IT! THEN YOU WILL FIND OUT ALL THE MYSTERIES!!! 🙂

Questions answered:

Why did you choose this book?

Explain the plot of the book, or if it is a non-fiction book, what topics are covered.

Describe one of the characters in the book. Would you want to meet this character? Why or why not?

What is your opinion of the book? Would you recommend it? Why or why not?

What do you think the main idea or theme of this story is? What is the author trying to tell you about life or our world with this book?


9 thoughts on “Book Review- Harmonic Feedback (by Tara Kelly)

  1. Do you have any bad feedback for it? I know that you loved the book, but c’mon there must be something bad.
    I love how you tell just enough about the book, yet not spoiling it at all! Thank you for that.
    Um for the constructive I guess, maybe you could do less smiley faces? Let’s keep it professional.
    Love it!

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  2. does the main character take drugs too? I really like how you described the character Naomi I think it was really good. Ok so i think that you could have explained the last paragraph better because you are a really good writer and to me the last paragraph did not make sense!!!!!!!


  3. I love how you were disruptive and your decryption on Drea’s best friend was great. The only thing I recommend is to answer the questions individually and you are not 12 so it’s not only for 12 year olds because you loved it!!!!!

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  4. Hey Nabila! I liked how you warned me ’bout the drugs, definetly not gonna read it! It seems awesome though! I liked how you described all the characters and how that one guy was “bubbley!” YAY! Well, well, BYE BYE BYEEEEEEEEEE!
    love you!


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